Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Purchasing a funeral plan delivers peace of mind for you and your family when funeral planning. Thinking about purchasing a pre-paid plan can be an uncomfortable thing to do. But pre-planning your funeral is actually a thoughtful and responsible way to show that you care for your family.

Pre-planning and pre-paying at today's prices means you can choose the funeral you want and the director's fee for it are paid, no matter how prices rise in the future. Perhaps even more importantly, your family are spared the emotional and financial burden of organising your funeral, with all the decisions and problems this can entail, at a time when they can least cope.

Purchase a pre paid funeral plan right now and you pay today’s prices and your money is invested in a secure independent trust for both its protection and to ensure future growth. So however much the actual costs rise in the future, your funds are secure and all of the services outlined in your chosen arrangements will be fully funded.

Benefits of the Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

  • Protection against rising funeral costs.
  • Funeral director's costs set at today's prices with no more to pay for these services.
  • No intrusive medical health check and acceptance is guaranteed.
  • Flexibility on both funeral choices and payment options.
  • Help remove some of the financial burden and emotional stress from your loved ones, at a time when they are least able to cope.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans FAQs

Why should I pay now if it'll be years before I need a funeral?
We'll all need a funeral one day and it's costing more every year, so it makes sense to plan your funeral while you can and fix the cost by paying for it now.
If I decide to purchase my plan over monthly instalments, what happens if I die before I have paid them all?
Your funeral will be arranged in accordance with your plan. Payments you have made will be contributed towards the cost of the funeral and any balance will be paid by your executors or from your estate at the time of the funeral.
Can I sort something out for my husband?
Yes you can take out a plan for anyone else. All correspondence will be sent directly to the person arranging the plan and confidentiality is assured.
Can I have my own Funeral Director?
Yes you can as long as they accept the plan and they meet the stringent service standards. We can also recommend and appoint one on your behalf if you would prefer.
Am I guaranteed to be accepted?
There are no age limits to acceptance if the plan is paid in full or over 12-60 monthly instalments. There is also no medical screening required.
Will the money be safe for when it is needed?
If paying by lump sum or 12-60 monthly instalments, the money you pay for your funeral is held securely in an independently managed trust. Julius Bar and Quilter Cheviot are currently tasked to manage the long term growth of the fund, specifically to meet the increasing cost of funeral services.

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