Chris Lamb

Estate Planning

Planning your estate can involve many different aspects from basic Wills to Will Trusts and Lifetime Trusts. Modern families can have complicated dynamics and there is often a potential for conflict in the future if relationships break down or after the death of a client. Estate planning can also help to minimise tax liabilities or other expenses after your death. We provide proven solutions to protect inheritance for vulnerable beneficiaries, for example minors, those that are registered disabled, or those who may not be able to handle money well. These solutions can be alternatives to ‘lump sum’ inheritance and can also be used to provide support until your child comes of age. If someone in your family is in financial trouble then certain trusts or other devices can help to protect the assets of your estate.

Estate planning is not something that should only be considered by wealthy or retired people. No matter how substantial or modest your possessions and property may be, without proper planning one day there can be complications and high costs for your family and friends. Those with larger estates should obviously be especially sure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes in order to protect their wealth for future generations.

At Chris Lamb Will Writing Ltd we can work in partnership with your financial adviser or accountant to provide more complex solutions for larger estates or business assets.